Friday, June 10, 2011

Mylar Embroidery

Once a month we have two classes on the same day.  The first class is called Embroidery Lab, and is held in the morning - the second class is called  Creative Techniques, and is held in the afternoon.  
Our next Embroidery Lab/Creative Techniques classes will be held next week on June 13!  It's coming up soon :)
My hope in letting each of you know through by blog is that perhaps I will get a few more students in class....  Here is what our Embroidery Lab project looks like.

Okay - this picture hardly shows the design any justice!  The turtle is embroidered over green mylar, and the butterfly is embroidered over silver mylar.  It is sooo eye catching and very sparkly!

Also, at Sally's Fabrics they are running some NEW specials.  Embroidery Lab used to be $15 and Creative Techniques also used to be $15.  Each class was two hours long.


Embroidery Lab:  Still $15 a month, but if you pay 6 months in advance (that's $90) you will receive an additional 5% discount in addition to any existing discount.  This additional 5% will be good every time there is an "embroidery lab" class for the entire 6 month period.

Creative Techniques:  Still $15 a month, but if you have spent at least $40.00 in the previous calendar month your Creative Techniques class will be free of charge that day only.


So anyway, I miss all of my students, and hope to see more of you soon.  At least come by Sally's and take a peek at the mylar technique.  It is very dazzling!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's do a little Thread Weaving!

So... a couple of months ago I attended a Sulky convention, and was able to become a "Sulky Certified" teacher.  Yay!  Anyway, while there, I learned so many fabulous things, one being "thread weaving."  Thread weaving is the process by where threads are weaved in and out of the fabric - you can see how this intricate process actually lifts the white background surrounding the Loralie Lady.  I just couldn't wait to come home, and teach this project.

At the convention this project actually came in a kit; but, I was able to have Sally's Fabrics order the fabrics - each coming from the "Sew Fabulous" line of Loralie Designs. 

Because I wanted to "master" the technique I have created yet another design below. Sorry, for the poor focus, but if you look closely, you will see the white fabric lifted around the lady, but her dress remains "uncut."

Thread Weaving isn't too difficult, but as you can see, it totally makes the project.  I would highly recommend signing up and coming to the class to be held sometime towards the end of June, beginning of July.  I would love to see all of you there!

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Let me introduce myself :)

Hi - my name is Pat Miller, and I have been machine embroidering and crafting for many years.  I currently own a Pfaff 5.5 Creative Vision (love it!), and teach around the East Valley in Arizona.  I enjoy participating in craft shows, but  specifically teach embroidery labs, embroidery techniques, and various other sewing projects in a "classroom" setting at Sally's Fabrics in Mesa, Arizona.  I am both a 5D certified (Pfaff embroidery software,) and Sulky certified teacher.
Now, please, follow along and see what we will be working on next!
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